What Rich People Do That Poor People Don’t
Cole Schafer

Wow another article on the special nature of the “successful” & rich. The assumption being that those who are “poor” lack discipline, intelligence, motivation, ingenuity, drive, competence, etc.

“What rich people do that poor people don’t — they realize they are rich before they ever make any money at all, then they work every damn day to create a reality that matches the wealth in their mind.”

As if poor people don’t imagine themselves as rich or work hard every day? What about the middle class — what’s left of it — do they not feel or envision themselves as rich?

Was Dick Fuld enlightened as you describe?

He was rich for decades. I guess he just made that one “mistake” of colluding with ratings agencies and ignoring internal risk assessments costing the US public trillions of dollars.

He learned from that mistake though, buy pocketing his $520,000,000 for bankrupting an institution. Never again he said. I’ve learned my lesson.

I guess his vision included creating a system whereby no real accountability could be imposed on anyone despite ruining millions of peoples lives.

Certainly Dick read every day. Being a sociopath I’m sure his favorites were Mein Kampf and The Road to Power.

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