I just found out I have two brains.

So you say money doesn’t stress you out?

I thought I had this money thing down. After all, I teach this shit. How could money get me stressed? I get all the metaphysical rules, the “laws” of attraction and gravity. I even have gratitude! So why don’t I feel like I’m done with worrying about this money thing?

Because it’s not my logical mind giving me these fears. It’s my subconscious. In fact, I think I may have just figured something out here. The brain I use to make money and the brain I use to worry are two different brains. I’m using the wrong brains for both tasks! This whole time, I’ve been using my structured brain for the fear, and my carefree brain for the producing.

So what happens is when I have to do my stuff to make my money, I’m really being chill about it. That creates a relaxed energy toward my attraction. That’s not the optimal money mindset. It’s too cool and playful. But that’s what I wanted when I started this journey.

Now, I want something different. Does this mean I have to change? Yup.

And I’ve perfected the “worry like I’m cool about it” persona, so I can be a better worrier (warrior) than my uptight, freaked out competitors. I should put this kind of perfection into my money puller. That would be more profitable, and really cool too.

Simplicity rules here. So I’m gonna go use my cool, worrier brain to go make something moneyish happen today. And when worry calls, I’m gonna tell it I’m hanging at the beach, if it wants to join me.

And then I’ll take it in the water and drown that fucker. “Hey Worry? Hope you can swim!”

Surf’s up.

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