No One is Coming to Save You

In general, no one will save you. Avoiding the need for being saved… is the best thing you can ever do. It sounds gloomy but it seems to me that it’s the only way to be happy and free. Imagine you flexed to buy an expensive house in the suburbs that you can barely afford and then you lose your job. Imagine your job is replaced by the advancement in robotics and 20 years of your skillset suddenly became worthless. These are real things that are happening to people. Do you not feel the deja vu from 2008? The system that props up our existence is fragile. One piece becomes undone and the entire factory fails. The government is sending checks. Is it enough? $1200 doesn’t cover my fixed expenses. This moment in history will forever change our mindset. Or, we’ll forget and history will repeat itself again. Please try and pretend that you were surprised next time too. How did this happen? The talking heads on TV try and explain. Their words are on repeat. What are you learning? What would you do different? Entire industries can be wiped out in a moment. Ross Gellar just yelled “pivot.” People are taking to the street. Pandemics be damned, I need to get food on my table. The Grapes of Wrath on display for all to see. Why didn’t they read the book? It tells you what’s going to happen. Is education to blame? Let’s blame the parents. I’m not taking any responsibility. Sound familiar? What are you going to do about it? I don’t care if you die, my freedom is being revoked. Each side digs deeper into their corner. Do you not think we are all in this together? I thought we were all one. Aren’t you Christian? How does your faith contrasted with your actions make sense of this? Wait, you never considered that? Excuse me while I laugh. You’re life is a joke then right? How privileged of you to judge me. I’ve heard it all. Chaos doesn’t help us. Spreading lies because it supports your guy doesn’t help us. Yet, nothing changes. When is the last time you had a conversation and heard the other side? Did you discover where they were coming from? Did you get to the root of the problem? This is what I do. I see the difference. I don’t blame social media. It’s time we came out of our holes. I understand our leadership has the integrity of school children. Be better. Who’s acting in a way you respect? Tell me about them. I know you’re hurting. I know that you’re scared. You should be. It’s a scary time. The time for warrantless temper tantrums is over. You’re burning the house while we are all still inside. Either lend a hand or step aside because we have a fire to put out.

I make sense of all the crap through the chaos. I balance in the middle of the fire. Photographer, Film Maker, Yogi, OneWheel Rider, Kickball Enthusiast.