Some Options On This Whole Trump/Russia/Intel Story

1) It’s true — and it’s a *big* deal for Trump = He poses an existential threat.

2) It’s false — and it’s a big deal bc deep state is leaking false/slanderous info to undermine credibility of Trump = they pose an existential threat.

3) It’s partly true, not a big deal, & being sensationalized by certain media that ignored similar stories with Obama. It’s also being dismissed by certain media that sensationalized similar stories with Obama = media is hypocritical (and so are we partisans who swear allegiance to a party or media figures more than truth).

4) There’s no way of verifying veracity of report; people will believe what they want, gravitating to the narrative of preference, for which this simply becomes confirmation bias for options 1–3 = existential threat to logical deduction among the masses = more unthinking shills.

5) There’s no way of knowing. Some recognize this, chill out, & seek/wait for more information before drawing reasonable inferences = WOKE. Remember, plausible isn’t the same as probable.

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