Daily Diary: The Wellness Ride Across America

Richie Crowley
Jul 8 · 2 min read
Photo by Michael Walk on Unsplash

So, the title sums it all up. This summer, from July 20th — October 10th, I’ll be biking across America on The Wellness Ride, which is an 85 Day Athletic Art Installation designed raise meals for the hungry and educate on the accessibility of wellness, encouraging individuals to invest in their own wellness.

For the ride, I’m going to use Medium a bit differently and treat it like a diary, updating this feed daily with the raw and intimate details of my adventure. Nothing is off limits.

So you might want to save this story or even bookmark it so you can pop back in and see how the ride is going. And, if you’d like to join for a leg or the ride or attend any of the free community events, you can RSVP on The Wellness Ride’s landing page.

Let’s get personal,

Human. Richie.

Day 1 | July 19th, 2019 | Canton, MA: Coming Soon!

Community Impact: For The Wellness Ride, Veestro, a gourmet plant-based meal delivery service, has created 3 delicious meals that supporters can provide to organizations feeding the hungry throughout America. Each meal is $5 and will be directly donated to organizations on The Wellness Ride route and you can feed a stranger today here!

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*The Wellness Ride is presented by Veestro, a gourmet plant-based delivery service and supported by Healthy Truth Snacks, Specialized Bikes, and bu Sunscreen

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Biking Across America July 20th — Oct 10th | Documenting The Daily Aventures Here On Medium | Join Or Donate @ https://www.veestro.com/pages/the-wellness-ride