CNA Sept. 22


Man suspected to be responsible for the bombings in New York and New Jersey has been charged. Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, is charged with five counts of attempted murder. The people involved in the bombing have every right to believe that this was a act of terror.

Minnesota Mall Attack

Saturday, Sept. 17 nine people were hurt in a knife attack in St. Cloud, MN. The man was supposedly of some kind of Muslim decent. Off-duty police Chief Blair Anderson was responsible for shooting the man, stopping his rampage.

Baby Saved After Shooting of Its Mother

The life of a premature baby girl was saved after her mother was shot in the neck on Chicago’s South Side. 19-year-old Parashay Beard was sitting outside her home when she was shot in a drive-by. Doctors were able to save her 6-month premature daughter after she passed.

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