West Coast Day 1

It’s 9:25pm here, but back home it’s well after midnight which I can feel sink into my bones. They’re heavy with exhaustion. However in my mind, that means I have completed a full day here in Seattle.

4:15am comes early, and I wasn’t happy driving to the airport with all the anxiety in my head. Trust me, a spirit flight where i was stuck in the middle seat wasn’t a big help either. However, the flight was easy. We took a different route to save us 30 minutes therefore allowing us to fly over Detroit, Chicago, and Montana (all that I can think of right now).

The flight was beautiful, I even got to snap a picture of the mountains.

Anyways, after little sleep I finally landed in rainy Seattle. (The rain was gone within a few hours, it was very sunny and beautiful around noon.) It was breezy, but the rain was light. Thankfully, the airport wasn’t too hard to manage. I found my sister quickly and we were off to embark on my journey here in the state of Washington.

We had to get the huge tourist things out of the way first; also because we were already near downtown Seattle. Pike place market was first up. It was flooded with people, but that’s not shocking. The mountains were hard to see completely but they were beautiful already. We went to the gum wall, and I’m not sure why people just wanted to stick a bunch of gum to a wall and make it a tourist spot? But nonetheless it was cool looking (but I totally was grossed out).

We went to the first Starbucks which was awesome, but of course the coffee was the same… so why we stood in line for 30 minutes to get the same coffee I don’t know. I guess it’s all about the experience.

I’ve learned seattle is set on five different mountain sides, so the hills aren’t a joke around here. It was shocking to me how steep they were in the city and how we didn’t hit the car behind us every time with the rollbacks we did driving and having to brake and then hit the gas. Basically, my roller coaster hating self wasn’t too happy about all the hills and turns.

Asian food around here is no joke. They take it seriously. No dirty Chinese food at the mall, or some greasy but easy take out… it was all very authentic which was a shock for me. I think I’ll stick with the fake stuff, to be honest.

Jet lag is not a game I will win at, which is sad because it’s only three hours. I would die in Australia or London.

Seattle is the land of parks, which is cool because it’s nice to be able to walk Luna down the street to a huge park that has a pretty view. So I’m excited to see more parks.

However, I totally underestimated the weather here. High 60's to this Nova girl means jeans and a light jacket.. here you’re surrounded by water there’s non stop wind, so a long sleeve and two light jackets are not doing much for me. It’s beautiful and warm if you’re in direct sunlight and further from the water though.

The clouds are beautiful which is also weird to say. But they sit so low they look like mountains at first glance. They’re fluffy and white, like soft pillows.

The entire day has taken a toll on my body that the wait for dinner felt like forever. Which made me learn Italian food is also different here, super delicious, but very different. Apparently most Italians restaurants make you order family style, so you pick one or two entrees because it’s so big that you all just split it. Luckily Jake, Pj & I all like the same Italian food because I could see how that could turn out a disaster.

My body clock is thrown off even more because it’s similar to Alaska here where they get several hours of sunlight. The sun rose at 5am sharp this morning, but the crazy part is that it’s 10:01 and the sun is finally disappearing. I’ve been at dusk for the last two hours and it’s confusing because my body swears it’s time to go to sleep for the night but my surroundings are still illuminated by the sun. But driving home and passing the Seattle skyline is a great way to end this first day. I can’t wait to keep exploring the state of Washington and what it has to offer.

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