You still have not told me why you think that must happen?
Louis Weeks

ill copy-paste what i said before, which you still havent addressed:

“You said:

‘’They usually are not rich and moving is expensive, I bet most will stick pretty close, and if not you can still work it out in other ways.’

thats correct! i imagine in many cases, undocumented criminals, some with families, some with guns, will take refuge with their family members. some of these family members will be legal American citizens. how does the government find these people without violating the fourth amendment? millions of search warrants? describe to me how this works.”

why on earth do you think that come inauguration, undocumented immigrants would stay in the address they had given the government?

and youre not just racist, youre also transphobic and completely unaware of established medicine, choosing hate instead of understanding. fuck you.

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