Profanity and personal attacks, there is no better indication of the weak mind, lol.
Louis Weeks

see, youre just making stuff up. where did I say that “Only you are claiming the Government would have to go invade random homes looking for illegals”?

what I wrote: “i imagine in many cases, undocumented criminals…will take refuge with their family members. some of these family members will be legal American citizens.”

why do you think that i said i was claiming that “random homes” would be invaded? i wrote “family members”, but you read “random homes”? i dont understand.

how exactly is there going to be a “welfare trail” that shows the government where these refugees are gathering? are there going to be stakeouts at people’s mailboxes? its great that youre just sure there’s a way to round up about 840,000 people without a huge number of human rights abuses, but the devil’s in the details, which no fuming tea-bagger can seem to come up with. establishment republicans are simply denying its going to happen.

and yet again, youre proposing another ridiculous plan: the government is going to detain day laborers until they can prove their citizenship? assume they are all here illegally and lock them in a warehouse? these are the grand schemes of a 4th grader.

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