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this happens nationwide, trapping people in a cycle of debt and jailtime; there’s an entire financial industry based on the incarceration and paid release of minor offenders. this environment fosters a culture of fear that leaves whole cities vulnerable to extortion, theft, and sexual assault by the people paid to uphold the law, with little oversight.

and god forbid any American show anger or disrespect to this government-sanctioned criminal enterprise, lest they be straight up murdered, only to have a million white people jump to a frothy defense of these medieval douchebags.

i suggest people read the DOJ’s Ferguson Report, or at least the summary of it by WaPo:

Seven months after a white Ferguson police officer shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old, the Justice Department has issued a searing report into policing and court practices in the Missouri city. Investigators determined that in “nearly every aspect of Ferguson’s law enforcement system,” African Americans are impacted a severely disproportionate amount. The report included racist e-mails sent by police and municipal court supervisors, repeated examples of bias in law enforcement and a system that seemed built upon using arrest warrants to squeeze money out of residents.
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