Back to Basics

I have ADHD. So I have come to the conclusion that a smartphone is not for me. Yes I love all that it can do. I also have grown to hate all that it can do. If I go on my phone to read…I end up distracted by the zillion apps I have on it. I have decided that maybe a basic phone with none of the bells and whistles would be a better option for me. I was also journaling on my tablet and phone. Not good…so back to good old pen and notebook. I think I will cancel my subscription to Spotify and instead go into my record collection and dust off my record player and play some Benny Goodman or Artie Shaw. And instead of downloading an e-book, I will take a trip to one of the last bookstores in town and buy one. I will call my sister and tell her what my status is instead of posting it on Facebook. While all of these things can be done by computer, the tactile, auditory, living experience is missing. The physical act of writing is theraputic…putting pen to paper. The crackling of a record is what gives music its, what I call, “luster”. Spotify can’t replace that. And as any book lover knows, the smell of a book is something an e-book can’t provide. Status updates on Facebook isn’t the same as hearing my sisters voice on the other end. Now please excuse me, I think I’m going to write a letter to a friend I want to catch up with. Pen, paper, envelope and a stamp kind of letter. Back to basics….

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