Alright, since I do watch the show every day, and I consider myself a bit of an expert, I’m going to do my best to liveblog today’s episode of “The Price is Right.”

HERE IT COMES … from the Bob Barker Studio at CBS in Hollywood! Our four contestants are called to COME ON DOWN!

And now, here’s your host, DREW CAREYYYYYYYY! Hmmm, Rachel doesn’t hand him the mic, as per usual. Drew shouts out George Gray. Hey George!

Drew talks about how this is the 45th season of the show, and notes that this is his 10th season. Man, seems like yesterday we were saying goodbye to Bob. sniff

First item up for bids — a pair of “action cameras.” Some sort of 360-degree 4K camera. New to me.

Bids: $780; $1,100; $1,000; $895

EXACT PRICE BELL! $500 goes to Ida, who bid $1,000. Ida is pregnant, and will have a son named Sam. We know this because she has a nametag on her baby bump. Nice.

Will we send Ida on an African Safari? We’re playing Push Over.

The numbers: 1 1 7 1 3 4 2 5 0.

Ida says the price is $11,713, lots of groans because she didn’t stop at $17,134. Not sure the audience is right.

Price? $11,713! Ha! I actually like it when the audience is wrong. They are not all-knowing. Anyway, hope she enjoys that safari.

Next item up for bids: A new desktop PC and a 3D printer!

The bids: $1,750, $2,995, $2,000; $2,996

Actual price: $2,050. Maryleticia, a nurse, gets up on stage. She’s borderline apoplectic.

The doors open: IT’S A BRAND NEW CAR. Then, wait, IT’S ANOTHER NEW CAR! Then George says “no more cars,” but now, it’s a NEW SUV!

We’re playing Triple Play — this one’s new for me. You either win all three cars or nothing. Oh my.

First car: Fiat 500 EZ. Is it $13,629 or $16,331? Which one’s closer without going over? She says $16,331 …. correct!

Second: Mazda 3. $18,295; $19,859 or $21,115. She says $19,859 …. CORRECT! She’s hyperventilating.

Dodge Journey SE. $21,981, $23,110, $24,750, $26,326. She guesses $24,750 as she crosses her fingers and says PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE … Drew drags it out beautifully. NO. It was actually $21,981. Brutal.

Commercial break …

Up for bids: New countertop appliances.

Bids: $550; $430; $475; $425

Actual price: $590. Denise, who was just called to come on down, wins!

She’s playing for: Meal delivery for six months, a new fridge and house cleaning for a year. It’s worth $6,067, so it’s not a guess-the-price game.


The prizes: An electric can opener, a steam iron and a hand vacuum.

This is so easy. It’s always in the ballpark of$25, $35, $45. This usually keeps Yodely Guy safe.

Here we go …

Can opener — she guesses $25.

Yo-dee-dee-do … $22!

Iron — she guesses $44.

Yo-dee-dee-do … $30.

Ahem. What did I say here, people?

Anyway, Denise has an $8 cushion.

Guesses $40 for vacuum.

Yo-dee-dee-do …. $42! WINNER!

Commercial break … we’re spinning the wheel next.

Montage of both Bob and Drew being picked up by crazy contestants. #Samoans

Maryleticia spins 25 while giving an extensive shoutout. She hits 70 on the second spin, so she’s sitting pretty at 95.

Denise shouts out her 4 kids, hitting 40 on first spin. The 45 on the second spin isn’t enough. Ida up next.

Ida says it was her mom’s dream to be on the show during her shoutout. Hits 90. Wheel is spinning … will she hit the 5? Nope, just ticks over to the $1.00. Maryleticia going to the showcase.

Commercial break …

Next up for bids: Elliptical trainer and home sauna

The bids: $1,200; $1,500; $1,501 … NEVER GO ONE OVER ON THE 3rd BID, nitwit …. $1,502. Guess who wins? That’s right, Steven with that $1,502 bid.

Steven playing for a trip to The Hamptons.

We are playing Bonkers.

The numbers are 6 4 3 5. He has to arrange paddles saying if each number is higher or lower. This is going to be hard.

First up, he goes High-High-Low-Low … NO!

He changes to High-Low-High-Low … YES!

The price? $7,081

Commercial break …

Next item up for bids, a wireless speaker and a 64GB iPod Touch.

The bids: $875; $900; $700; $1!

Actual price: $898, here comes Jerome! So what do we have for him?

It’s a brand new car! A Toyota Yaris LE.

And we’re playing Pass the Buck … 6 choices, 1 CAR, three cash options and two LOSE EVERYTHINGs.

Up first: pistachios and tea bag. What needs the extra dollar added to the price? He says tea bags need the extra dollar. Yes!

Next: sleep aid and Oxi Clean. What needs the extra buck? Jerome says Oxi Clean. Yes!

Jerome has 3 picks. He goes #2, CAR! He wisely refuses to use his other picks in an effort to run up the score.

Next item up for bid: Designer accessories from Tory Burch.

The bids: $900; $1,500; $1,501 ……… GRRRRR ….. $1,502.

Actual price: $1,305. Destiny, who was just called, playing for a fun new motorcycle and a 4K smart TV. We’re playing 1 Right Price.

The price? $3,000. She says it’s the price of the TV. YES!

We’re spinning the wheel, right after this …

So, we went 5–1 today. Not too shabby.

Destiny shouts out her coworkers, her mom and grandmother as … she … does … it … get … there?? YES! $1.00. $1,000 to her.

Steven shouts his girlfriend and his kids … Steven comes oh so close but hits the 15. Runs out of juice.

Jerome shouts out his wife and kids and all of New Oreleans. Drew says that Rachel went to LSU. Who knew? He hits 95 and misses the 5.

Bonus spin time for Destiny. We move the wheel to the 5. Passes once. Passes twice. Does it have enough speed? Nope.

Showcases are next, folks …

First showcase starts with a VR headset.

Then, we have a trip to Bora Bora in a luxury over-water bungalow. Pretty cool.

It’s a brand new car! A Kia Soul in that crummy green. Ick.

All of this could be yours if … THE PRICE IS RIGHT.

Destiny has first choice. She keeps it and bids $26,000.

Second showcase walks down TPIR memory lane. The world-famous Patricia Bernard clip plays!

Well, she was late coming on down, but you’ll never be late with these his and hers Gucci watches. Spiffy.

Then they show the first-ever playing of Golden Road … Golden Road always has a swank prize at the end …. so we have a NEW JAGUAR! Mercy.

Simple: Luxe watches and a luxe car. They could be yours if … THE PRICE IS RIGHT.

Maryleticia bids $45,000.

Who will win? I’m thinking they both underbid, but I think Destiny will be closer.

Commercial break …

Destiny’s actual retail price? $29,430. A difference of $3,430.

Maryleticia’s? $46,323. A difference of $1,323. Maryleticia wins!! PROCEED DIRECTLY TO FREAKOUT!

Actually, it’s nice, she was the only loser in the games, so it’s nice that she won the showcase.

Overall, a good show. Now, it’s lunchtime!