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So the way I understand this is that if a person says “I identify as a female even though I look like a male then I get to use the ladies bathroom” If this is true then we have a problem.

Where did these people go to the bathroom before all this started?

I do not recall any of this going on when I went to school or when I was working in corporate America.

I have been to football games when the women would use the men’s room because the women’s bathroom was full. Nobody harassed them or bullied them or watched them. If you need to watch someone go to the bathroom you have some serious issues.

By using Obumas definition or guidance as you call it. I can identify as white, black or Spanish or American Indian. And as you say in your article I could also identify as female or male and use the bathroom that I identify with.

They have stalls in restrooms, USE ONE. I personally don’t give a dam what bathroom you use. Just leave me alone while you’re doing it.

Oh! this should be decided by the states, not the federal government.

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