Mr. Cashew Seed

Have you ever felt like a cashew?

A cashew is kind of like the royalty of the nut family and yet in truth it’s not truly a nut.

It’s a seed.

Which I would think makes the cashew probably feel a little self-conscious when it’s around REAL nuts.

Wouldn’t you think?

If the cashew was honest with itself it would be thinking I really don’t belong here. They’re calling me Cashew Nut, but I’m Cashew Seed!

Sometimes we get credit for things we don’t feel like we deserve credit for. And sometimes we get credit for things we really don’t want credit for.

Now, the thing with peanuts is…

They’re real name is Pea Cousin, not Pea Nut. They are in the Legume Family and closely related to Green Pea.

That’s right, Peanuts ain’t nuts either, but you don’t want to
mess around with Mr. Pea Nut which is really Mr. Pea Cousin.

And that’s the point, you don’t want to mess around with the
Legume Family in general. They’ll give you a whoopin’ but good if you mess
around with any of them.

But, the lonely Cashew. Each Cashew Apple yields exactly just one cashew seed (nut).

Poor Mr. Cashew Seed, don’t forget, you’re royalty in the Nut House!

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