You’re Gonna Wish This Was Fake News
Dave Pell

In Texas, none of this is surprising. We have a governor now that assigned a special group of the Texas National Guard to monitor the US military preparedness activities. He did this because a group of conspiracy theorists convinced him that the US was secretly preparing to come in and take all our guns and were going to arrest resistors and hold them in abandoned Walmart stores (I couldn’t make this up).

He has also has spent $800,000,000 of taxpayer money sending Texas military to “secure the border”. All the while cutting funding for children’s healthcare and education to pay for it.

Our state board of education is still trying to expel the nasty rumor from hell that dinosaurs actually existed and believe that every child needs to be taught (in the public schools) that Christianity is the only real religion (and that and high school football spirit will almost certainly guarantee a successful adult life).

On and on and on.

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