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Most Americans think they are immune to this because privacy is protected by the Constitution. We need to wake up. We just had an election where the winning party shamelessly used to their advantage, mountains of information that they knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, was obtained illegally in violation of the US Constitution. Major media suckled at the utter of Wikileaks knowing full well that 100% of the information was obtained illegally and critically violated the civil rights of those from whom it was stolen. All this has emboldened those that would seek to profit from our protected information and they couldn’t care less about your privacy so long as they get what they want. If our legislators cared at all about the protections afforded by the Constitution, they would make it illegal to make public or use for personal gain or profit, any information that was obtained illegally. How is this different from insider trading or using illegal drug money for personal gain? They should prosecute, not just the ones responsible for stealing the information, but also those that are responsible for reprinting or using that information publicly or for personal gain. We need to put aside party affiliations and think about this as Americans. There seem to be few elected officials at the state or federal level that still could be considered statesmen as opposed to just shameless and greedy politicians.

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