In Philly with The Comfort Killer Stacy A. Cross

In the past week, I had the opportunity to be a guest on Stacy Cross’ show on the Grant CardoneTV Network. For those of you who don’t know who Stacy “there is no E in my name” Cross, you will soon! She is running the fastest growing MOVEMENT in motivation today, “The Comfort Killers”. Centered around her website, Stacy’s business offers webinars, podcasts, video content, products like journals, t-shirts and accessories as well as TONS of free content all designed to fulfill her mission. She walked out of a seminar on February 14th 2016 with a mission that was clearly defined: Stacy would teach MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable, to think better, act better and live better. Aside from the core business and movement that is the Comfort Killers, Stacy, along with her partner Shivhon Adkins, produces a show called “Love and Grow” which centers on relationships and how to succeed in business and love. The show airs on their CKTV network here. Shivhon shares Stacy’s entrepreneurial mindset and together they not only build the Comfort Killers brand, but other income streams such as “Love and Burn” (an online specialty soap business). Additionally, Shivhon runs the back office. I traveled to Manayunk, PA just outside of Philly to meet Stacy and Shivhon, along with my fiance’ Jenni Hudson, We shot episodes of both “The Comfort Killers” and “Love and Grow”. We had an incredible time with them while gaining tremendous value from the experience, learning as we also taught during the show. We are in true alignment of purpose and my desire to leverage my goal to motivate and help others is totally compatible with Stacy Cross’ mission. I am tremendously passionate about sharing The Comfort Killer’s mission and Stacy with my own expanding network!

During the show, Stacy and I bounced ideas back and forth in her characteristic unscripted style. A style that serves all of us well because the information that bubbles up from the deep wells of our hearts delivers MASSIVE value to Stacy’s audience — even to us in real time. One of the things that we discussed was the concept of “starting over.” Stacy and I agree that everyone has a chance to start over. But the question put forth was, “how many times can you start over?” She and I both agreed that starting over was something that one best decided they should truly go “all in” and do just once. Make the DECISION to start over and as Grant Cardone would say, be OBSESSED about fulfilling your “starting over” mission! Doing anything less would simply give you an average life.

During my episode (click here), Stacy and I talked about my experience with Tony Robbins and our marketing company Look Locally. We also talked about my personal mission of helping motivators and influencers get FOUND through my efforts as a Social Media professional and a LOT of other things during the show. Stacy sets a new tone in the motivational space. It is “in your face”, but full of positivity and heartfelt passion. Her sound is stream of consciousness (and there is so MUCH that is PRESENT and conscious here!) I’m grateful for Stacy Cross and The Comfort Killers because the world needs a fresh voice. Someone who understands what its like to want more, reach for information that isn’t hidden in come on after come on that really helps them to succeed. Stacy’s voice will also remind you that you probably already know what you need to know to do what you have to do. She will hit you hard. I think in today’s very noisy world, full of posers we need to have Stacy’s voice pushed to the top and HEARD. Follow Stacy here and everywhere social media at @stacyacross.

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