Remembering Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941, a day that FDR said would “live in infamy”. As the years have passed there will always be those that remember with great sadness the losses that happened that day. But with time we gain perspective and. we remember too, the heroism of those who fought bravely to defend the United States from the enemy across the sea. It is with pride that I recall that day here. It is also with pride, that I recall that after America defeated Japan, along with its allies, our country helped Japan to recover and become one of the great economic powers of today. We made friends or our former enemy and protect them today. Every country including ours makes decisions and takes course of action that seem questionable at the time. Sometimes decisions made during wars invite questions. Japan was then, and still today is a country of honor..Despite the sneak attack and the day “that will live in infamy”. I am glad we both found our way to peace and friendship and may GOD lead us to even more!

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