How To Buy A Perfect Massage Therapy Table?

Relax. Refresh. Renew, these three words have thoughtful reflection and truly empower a soul. After long working hours or days, we wish to relax for some time. We look for something that can help us release our worries and go with the flow. Something that can actually make us feel much better. A soothing massage therapy would be a good option.

Massage Therapy has become a favorite relaxing activity especially for those who spend their whole day or all weekdays in stress. They prefer getting a massage to feel relax and get prepared for the next day or upcoming week. Although taking massage regularly in a salon or through a professional is a costly affair, but you can also enjoy it at your home with someone’s help. What you need is massage products, a person for help and most importantly massage table.

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Those who have plans of opening a massage center of their own, apart from training and hands, they will need to buy one-size-fit massage table. A table with soft cushion like appearance and a little bit of adjustment options is a good massage table. These tables are available in a variety of styles and features like:

  • Portable Massage Table: These are special tables that can be easily moved and perfect choice for the therapists who bring direct services to their clients. These are lightweight and range from the bare-bones student variety to expensive models that are available with all accessories.
  • Non Portable Massage Table: These are immovable massage tables and suitable for those who perform therapeutic massage at a fixed location. These are stationary massage tables that have thick cushion and additional features with built-in storage compartments and tilt-top capabilities.

There are so many other features these massage tables must possess. So, if you are buying a massage table for your home or saloon, you need to keep in mind some important points. These include:

  • Table Weight: Weight of massage table matters a lot to those practitioners who are planning to buy a portable table as they have to carry it while moving from one place to another. You have to take care that the table you choose has a perfect balance along with all other considerations.
  • Weight Limit: It is the characteristic of stationary tables that these are available in a wide variety of weight limits. These have the ability to bear heavy weights as compared to portable weights. There are typically two types of weight limits. One, where the client is lying as the weight is evenly distributed to the table. Second, when therapist applies pressure, table also includes therapist weight.
  • Table Height: Some massage tables have a special feature where they can easily adjust the height. This is an important feature, especially when equipment is shared.
  • Padding: Massage therapy tables are generally padded, but the width of padding varies. Some tables have 2–3 inches of padding. But you can also customize this padding with the help of accessories. Practitioners prefer a table with firm padding as that need to achieve deep pressure. Some clients like to enjoy a lighter touch; in such a case, the thick table padding would be suitable.
  • Table Material: Aluminum or wood is the common choices for massage table. Aluminum table designs are modern, sleek and stylish. These are lightweight and easy to carry as compared to wood the massage tables.

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