For as long as I remember I have been teased for having a big head. This has been a universal teasing. From my family and my school friends, the teasing was relentless.

As a toddler, I was nicknamed Teapot. This seemed to come from the fact that it seemed my big head was the pot and my ears were the handle and spout. Then I went to school and as you know, kids can be cruel. Let me set the stage a bit…in Zimbabwe (where I spent the first 18 years of my life) I was REALLY skinny. I was picky about the food I ate and so at a government boarding school you’re not going to get big that way. However my head was still as big as it is now! So the nickname I got my first week of high school was Sperm. Apparently my massive head and skinny body led the geniuses of my high school to arrive at this conclusion. Twenty years later that one hurt the most.

So here’s this weirdo with a big head that almost everyone kept pointing at. I became fascinated with my head and what was in it from an early age. In a funny way that I can only. reflect on now, I somehow knew that the key to discovering the treasure hidden in my life was in that big head.

I almost saw it as a superpower. Think of the movie Megamind. I started spending a lot of my time exploring my mind and how I think, almost turning a blind eye to the other aspects of life which I didn’t see my strengths lying in. All this started paying dividends in school during exams and lessons. I started discovering thinking processes and secrets to learning that were peculiar to me. Those things that were interesting to me were easy when I put my mind to them. By 15 I was starting to weaponise my brain. When someone teased me about my weird big head, it didn’t hurt as much because I knew that my biggest gift lay inside that humongous container.

With loads and loads of practice, I began to apply the knowledge and wisdom that I had been given to different areas of life and now I even document the findings in blog posts, my Morning Meditations show and other places. I hope you are able to take this story and look through your own personal story to find the weird thing about you that could be a clue to your own purpose and destiny.

As for me, now I know I will be successful as long as I use the treasure I was given at birth. There’s a weird combo of things I am super interested in; Christian faith, leadership, business and money, and government (probably as an extension of leadership). I pontificate and write within these interests because this is what I am called to do. The clue was uncovered inadvertently through some kids who pointed at my head and laughed.

What do YOU weirdly love? What weird stuff are you into? Where does YOUR weirdness lie?


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