Ideas are crap…execution is KING!

In a world where ideas are becoming a dime a dozen, the EXECUTORS will rule the earth!

Steve Jobs (who is NOT one of my role models by the way – another blog for another day) once said to an engineer on the team that produced the first Apple computer, “Real artists ship.”

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Man that thing that’s really hot and popular right now…I had that idea FIRST!” But you rue the way you sat on the idea or the way you bungled up the process of bringing the concept to fruition.

Musicians, artists and comedians are always talking about the idea of the UNIVERSE giving them a song or a joke but if they dilly dally for too long them someone else strangely comes up with the same kind of material. Strange yes but take Bill Gates who says that he has only 18–24 months ahead of his peers in producing the PC and if he had not left college to pursue his dream someone else who have cracked personal computing first.

So instead of trying to come up with the WHALE of an idea at your first try, maybe it would be better to concentrate on producing on the smaller ideas that are afforded you on a continuous basis. Every kid with a phone has an idea he wants to launch out of his parents garage, but the actual Mark Zuckerbergs that will put in the work to get the concept to BILLION dollar land are few and far between. And these are the people who will succeed.

Do you know how many young people have the TALENT to become the next pastor of their church, but they sit and pontificate about what is being done wrong but the current leaders? If your solution is so great, then apply it where you are then show the powers that be how it’s helping. And then figure out how to deploy into in real life. That’s what I call being a PRACTITIONER.

I literally have a file on my Evernote that I call my IDEAS FACTORY. Some of the ideas in there are fanciful but for the most part I have SOLID ideas that have helped my business and my brand grow. But there are the one or two BEASTLY ideas which after consultation and a lot of research I realised would be the most profitable and these are the only ones that I spend my time applying to my work. Like this BLOG. Like my new Snapchat show Beautiful Rick (shameless plug right there – follow me on Snapchat: rickmats). Like my Facebook marketing training group where I teach the things I learn in social media. Like my BEAUTY, SKINCARE and PERSONAL CARE business. These are non-negotiable ideas that have become my modus operandi.

How about you? Do you have ideas that are just swirling around in your head. I challenge you to take one or two of them and spend 1–3 months going to town on those bad boys. Then evaluate at the end whether they are worth continuing with, spending extra time and resources on or dropping completely.


For your prosperity…


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