Why Business Must Be Done In Intensity, Speed and Focus (Part 1)

South Korea got her independence in 1953 after the Korean War. Now she is a developed country while countries in Africa got their independence at a similar time are still third world countries. What is it about the Koreans that is different to us? Or going back even further, why is Western Europe developing at faster rates when Africa and South America have far more natural resources?

In order to make the most of life’s opportunities, it is imperative to have INTENSITY, SPEED AND FOCUS! Life gives Africans, Asians, Americans and Europeans the same amount of time and similar raw resources but why is it that some seem to make the most of theirs while others don’t? The rich and the poor have 24 hours in a day but one group ends up on top of the hierarchy while the other serves them.

I’m embarking on a 3-part series exploring these attributes to success and greatness and how they operate in life. Today will be INTENSITY, tomorrow will be SPEED then FOCUS will follow. My hope is that you will see a reason to build these into how you carry out what you do daily.

So first we will talk about INTENSITY. Intensity can be described as vigour or power or forcefulness in an activity. Intensity is almost harsh but it is essential if you want to achieve those goals which always elude you.

I always used to say, I want to achieve this weight, this amount of money or this growth in my business. Every year I’d have new goals and wonder why I never got to them. I didn’t know the missing ingredient was intensity when laying your hand to a chosen task. New year’s resolutions, monthly goals and projects fall by the wayside and don’t come to any kind of fruition because of a lack of intensity.

If we are half-hearted in doing anything, we will get lack-lustre results. Our marriages fail, our businesses fail and our families turn out way off due to our failure to understand the importance of intensity and how crucial it is to take no prisoners when you want something badly.

One of the most powerful things you could do to regain your lost years in life is to be intense in everything you do. Consider how old you are today. This represents time that has gone already in your one life that you can never get back. You can’t stop or pause time even today nor can you relive yesterday. However, you can make the days that you have left count more than anything you have lived before.

In order to pack more into the time you have left, you must attack it with intensity. Whether it is in your love life, in your faith, in your career/business, 100% commitment is needed if you want to live like the 1% of people.

Have you ever considered why is it that the nerdy scientist who spends all her time dedicated to a disease is the one who finds a cure for that disease? The scientist who doesn’t go out drinking every night with her mates. That almost friendless and hermit-like caricature of a nerd is the one we see in our eye when we hear about scientific breakthroughs.

George Washington Carver, the African-American scientist who revolutionised the world of botanic scientific discovery was ridiculously intense that he never even married! He could go into his lab on Monday and not come out for half a week. The intensity would consume his need for food and even human companionship. This is overload of intensity. But he discovered 200 uses for peanuts.

Ask a pregnant woman if it is possible to approach pregnancy lacksidasically. You cannot decide in the middle of your pregnancy that you’d like to lay it down for a week while you rest up. Anything worth it will take that commitment and intensity. So does the process of giving birth. You can’t give 98% effort when you are giving birth otherwise both mother and child’s life will be in mortal danger. So it is with the destiny that you are pregnant with – it will be in danger of being aborted if you don’t apply maximum intensity to your business.

Let’s look again at national cultures. Asians are not the strongest people but they are very intense. The national character of Asian nations is intensity. Compare them to African countries. It may seem that they are boring and they have little work and life balance but results that China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore have produced will speak for them. Africa on the other hand has a bit too much life and too little work in their balance! Poverty is the result.

The Asian Tigers (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea) are a beautiful example of this phenomenon. They may not have many raw materials but in whatever they do they are intense. They rapidly took their populations out of poverty in the 1950s and accelerated economic growth. Korea got its own independence at the same time as some African countries, but it has rapidly taken itself into the first world realm, while the African countries lag behind.

Asians in America as a community are some of the most brilliant students because of the intensity instilled in them. Intensity is a weapon that will destroy community poverty.

Let’s look at the example of a company like Google. Google has the outward look of a laid back culture where people get free food, subsidised child care and the lot but behind the facade lies an intensity most don’t know about. The reason Google are giving their engineers free food is that they don’t want them going off site to get lunch and thus lose concentration. They understand the tasks that make them a tech giant and they encourage intensity in that arena.

What are intense people like? When you are intense you do things quickly and persistently. Tomorrow I will talk about the related attribute of SPEED so make sure you like this page to get to see it. Intense people put pressure on themselves from the inside to produce. There is no time to be distracted by pleasure. Pleasure is a good thing but it cannot be the reason you live. If it is then what you do for a living is just a job and not your life purpose. Your purpose will tantalise you so much that you want to skip even food.

Drinking, partying, hooking up will become secondary things that are in their proper place. I always wondered why crazy successful people refuse alcohol, or even why the best boxers will forego sex for weeks before their big fight. That is what intensity will do to you and it will bring spectacular results.

Intensity makes you shorten the time to get maximum results. Bill Gates became a billionaire at 31 and he did not take a day off for the whole of his 20s! That’s ridiculous intensity but if you walk around saying you are going to be a billionaire or millionaire then look at your own levels of intensity to see if you measure up. You must be applying it to your most heartfelt labours and endeavours. Your calling.

Your business operations activities should be done in intensity.

Your selling should be done in intensity.

Your presentations should be done in intensity.

Your creativity should be done in intensity.


  1. Find out what you are naturally good at and do that. It’s easier to be intense with these things.
  2. Create a prison for your work. Crush distractions.
  3. Work in powerful uninterrupted bursts. Try it in small chunks at first.
  4. Start and finish at similar levels of energy. Most people start strong then finish weak. When you feel your intensity waning, pick up the pace!


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