Principles of Monetization for Network Marketers

In the past we have taken a look at some examples of creating Multiple Streams of Income…

I believe that when you understand what kind of Network Marketer or businessperson you are, you will be able to pursue with more clarity the kind of income that is consistent to who you are.

There are 6 things that you may have available that you can MONETIZE as an Advisor, Merchant, Builder, Soldier or Specialist immediately:

  • Wisdom
  • Your brand (a good name)
  • Information
  • Relationships
  • Property and assets
  • Vision

You become a King or Queen when you give yourself completely to one or more of these and pay the necessary price that allows you to get to the top…

You will need to see this piece for descriptions of the different types of Network Marketers:

But I want to dive deeper into some of these and give you practical ways in which you can make the most of every opportunity.


Wisdom is the advantage of seeing the big picture. It is the ability to apply knowledge to real life. It is the difference brought about by experienced.

If you have lived on the earth for any amount of time then you have a couple of things that you understand better than most people and you can show others how to do those things.

This is the territory that the Teacher, the Trainer excels in…the ADVISOR.

We will talk about information a bit later, but there is incredible value in someone who understands how to bring the book knowledge into your actual business.

Take the Ask Gary Vee Show for example, my favourite business show on YouTube. Gary Vaynerchuk fields questions from different sources asking about startups, corporate stuff and social media.

His magic is that he answers in a way that is extremely relevant for your particular industry, complete with examples…

When I advise clients of mine, whether they are models, businesswomen or musicians, I aim to bring the timeless principles of social media marketing and business that I learnt that I can apply to the goals of my clients.


By having a good name, people used to be able to get security on a loan!

Today movie stars sometimes get paid on the power of their celebrity. Will Smith right now uses that to pick his own projects and make work for him and his family.

If you are a SPECIALIST, perhaps a fitness expert, it’s easy to leverage your good name in that industry to get people to buy your health products and supplements…

A less obvious way to make money from your brand is by BUILDING one for yourself while you are learning your craft. Become an authority in your field as a BUILDER or MERCHANT and you will draw customers and partners to you.

This is also a good way for KINGS and QUEENS of the Networking Marketing industry to create an extra income.

Do you know how many 6 and 7-figure earners could make extra money by creating a non-company specific training of how they reached the apex of their particular niche? There are MILLIONS of Network Marketers who would pay to have this.

It’s also obviously easier to recruit people into your team if you are an authority with a powerful brand.


Information sells!

Anyone can create informational products based on the things you are successful at.

The only variable here is how good and how targeted are you at marketing that information.

After all, information is available at the push of a button on Google.

Really SPECIFIC information though, like a book on the ways that Essential Oils are being used to heal common household diseases more holistically, or the different types of Networking Marketing professionals that you can recruit into your team is going to be of more value to the right audience…

Curating information is another form that can be monetized. Like a DJ, you can take the original content and present it in a form that is consumable by your target audience.

For example, a lot of concepts that Jim Rohn talked about is priceless but if I translated it to speak to a young audience of 21st Century Zimbabwean Network Marketers who are bilingual then that adds value to the information…

I always take time to repurpose information that I’ve consumed and applied over the last 10–15 years and suit it to my audience’s needs.


If you have been in Networking Marketing for any period of time, you will understand that business happens at the speed of trust.

Your customers, your partners and your prospects need to be relationships you cultivate until they trust you enough to do business with you.

BUILDERS are usually good at this because they do not burn bridges and relationship while in pursuit of the quick sale.

MERCHANTS also need to understand that while they are good at selling, if they do their craft right they can leave people feeling good that they got value for their money.

This results in repeat business and happy customers…


If you have stock lying around in your house…SELL it!

Have a flash sale, flip it to your closest people at a discount or sample it out! Don’t just sit on it because this is what gives Network Marketing a bad name when people are sitting on stock talking about, “This business doesn’t work.”


This one is amazing when you have it down!

It’s the reason I LOVE to go to company events or to listen to Network Marketing Kings and Queens on video.

Vision is contagious, especially when coming from someone who has lived it and tasted it.

When you listen to a Jeff Roberti, Nathan Ricks or Holton Buggs, you feel like you are going to change rhe world!

If you have great vision, then I recommend hosting events whether live or as webinars. These will make you money in sales or either products or tickets.

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