The Consummate Learner

I have always been a student. Since childhood, I have been inquisitive. As humans, we have the capacity to learn an incredible amount. I’m not talking about the classroom or a book but eating up loads of information like we do everyday.

You see, life is about increase, growth. Without increase we die – it’s that simple! When we stop increasing we are dying. So this applies with our minds too. Most of us however, feel that after some years in school, after some years training for our work in life, we have no reason to grow our mind. This, I guess is one of the worst ideas for entrepreneurial minds. We can’t bear the thought that once we find a career that we’re good at or that pays good money then that’s it for the next 40 years!

I have always loved to find new things that I’m good at and try them out. I have always loved the thought that I could follow different ways of getting paid and have fun along the way. There are too many problems in my nation that burden my heart for me to not try to be involved in solving at least a few of them in my lifetime! That’s what drives me and countless others and so we are open to learning new things.

To give you a glimpse of my learning journey so far, let me start at 18 just after finishing high school (A Levels). I couldn’t go to University as I had been planning so I started working at McDonald’s, you know that famous gourmet restaurant chain! I thought my learning days were over but how mistaken I was. You see I had grown up in a country that taught me the Queen’s English and I assumed that would serve me well in England in the noughties. Oh how wrong I was. That wasn’t the language young people (or older people for that matter) spoke in my new country. So I spent the best part of my 20s assimilating the way of the average Briton who lived in my city. I learnt the lingo, consumed the TV shows, befriended everyone who came along my path until I got what my nation was about.

Most of us don’t think we are learning anymore but the truth is when we conk out in front of TV, watch a stand up comedy show or call up our best mate for a nice long chat, we are unconsciously acclimatising to the thoughts that they have.

So I must have learnt something at McDonalds because after 3 years I was a shift manager there. I started at that time to actively learn about myself. Personality tests, aptitude tests because I wanted to know what else I should try. When I changed jobs to work for a large energy company I also started learning how to make more money. That’s always just been something that made sense to me. Everything we do costs money and if you want to do more you’ll need to make some more money. So I did vocational courses whenever they were offered to me to increase my money-making potential.

The other area of my life that I have been an avid learner is in. my faith. I ran away from my Christian faith when I moved to the UK but at 25 I realised that church was my home. I needed my faith because that was were I was my authentic self. I am an amateur at the bible but I enjoyed my first few years back in church where I dove into an accelerated bible and leadership study course. It’s my world view. Everyone has one and I am constantly evolving in my knowledge of God and myself.

I cannot sign off without telling you my secret when it comes to learning though, and that is mentorship. I have had and continue to have people that I see who have what I want and I look to them to find out how to get there. Look at it as a short cut (even though there are none really).

These days I love the fact that you can watch or listen to business leaders, politicians and coaches online via YouTube, Soundcloud and the like. Wisdom in the area you need it is around every corner. The appetite to learn will open your life to new opportunities to experience life at a new level.

Here’s some books that spurred me into entrepreneurial pursuits and the ones that I’ve found most helpful on the journey:

  • Linchpin – Seth Godin
  • The Success Principles – Jack Canfield
  • Order of the Kingdom – Tudor Bismark
  • The Greatest Salesman in the World – Og Mandino
  • Dreams from My Father – Barack Obama

For your prosperity…


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