WHO AM I? : The Power Of Knowing Your Purpose

A sage of our age, Jackie Chan, in one of my favourite Kung fu movies, once asked the pivotal question, “Who am I?” Check out the film WHO AM I, if you want laughs with your ass-kicking.

From the beginning of time, what has separated mankind from animals is that we wonder what the purpose of our life is. We have a sense of self within that as well. After all, the term Homo sapiens means “thinking man”. Questions as to our own existence and purpose go through all our minds.

Most of us wonder whether the only reason we are on planet earth is to be fertiliser for the earth when we die. There are those who believe this but I don’t believe that’s the majority. After all, the need to do good is also present in a lot of human beings which causes us to look for higher purpose in life. Even the staunchest of atheists end up with a humanist view which is that their life should better people around them.

No, I think we have something to do on earth. And I believe this has something to do with the betterment of the world around us. Some of us are here to bring joy and love to humanity. Some of us are here to bring wisdom for the preservation of the human race, the earth or even animals. And we need these people to stand up because our world needs it.

There is someone out there who has the solution for the racial tensions that are dividing our people. You must bring what you have to the table. There is someone else who is supposed to share solutions for the lack of affordable housing in our overcrowded modern cities. Where are you?!

It is actually for your good to get the answer to the question Who Am I. When you don’t know who you are, your purpose, your gifts, your strengths, your nature, then you will have issues. Your mind has things that it wants to let out naturally, but you are keeping it preoccupied with trivial pursuits and a mundane job. This can lead to stress and depression as well as other mental health problems. If you were a bird and meant to fly, then you must do it! Don’t walk all your life. It will affect your mental and emotional well being. Your thought life, your feelings, your career, even your spirituality will be affected.

I try not to talk spiritual matters on this particular platform so we don’t even have to go there, however you can at least strive to find your earthly purpose. It’s hidden inside you, and here’s how:

  1. Study your natural inclinations. Those things that you are naturally gifted at are clues as to what you should be doing. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you naturally creative or do you do better riffing of other people and their ideas? These seeds into your purpose and who you are sign posts of what you can then develop through education and hard work.
  2. Look into your past experiences. I firmly believe things that happened in the past are lessons that can be learned from. Circumstances, even painful ones, that you went through have moulded you into the woman or man you are today. You are stronger, wiser, more skilled because that business failed, because you lost that woman you loved or because you survived that abusive childhood.
  3. Look through the eyes of others around you. Many of us ignore what is right in front of us when we don’t pay attention to what others have said or still say about us. Your loved ones know you best so they can tell you what they love about you. As a child too, there were things people told you about your personality and strengths as they observed your true nature. The other thing is also to look at the criticisms of even your enemies. Now haters are haters but sometimes there may be a slight amount of truth in even their harshest criticisms.
  4. Study what you love and what you hate. The clue to what you are meant to solve on the earth is hidden in your double passions. What you hate is the problem you are meant to smash but the love of the area is what will keep you dedicate yourself to the struggle.


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