The biggest lie in HR: “People quit managers”
Didier Elzinga

As a manager, I have two issues with this article.

  1. Why in this case do you distinguish “management” and “leadership”? Sure, they are two very different things, but in reality the responsibility for both falls to the same person, commonly referred to as “the manager”. If people quit because of failing leadership, it’s usually because of the manager.
  2. You equate “development” with “career progression”. These things are not the same. Especially in my field (software engineering), very few are interested in career progression, all are driven by personal development. And although the first may often be limited by circumstances, the latter is predominantly the manager’s responsibility.

I agree that the reality is way more complicated than the “people quit managers” meme, but this looks like you’re just artificially juggling numbers and definitions to make a point, and simply re-distributing management failures under other categories.