The Keys to Engineering the Right Job
Bill Sullivan

Here’s the dirty little secret of our profession: about 90% of all developer jobs out there are “bait and switch”. The number of companies that have a healthy culture and environment in which software engineers can thrive is shockingly low, especially if you consider the scarcity and economic importance.

For example, you can forget about quiet working conditions, even though that is pretty much the #1 requirement for a developer to be productive.

Most developers start their job search prepared to compromise, and after a few interviews at companies where it is already visibly clear that developer needs are a secondary consideration they just give up and hope for the best.

As a result, they’ll take the job where the people seem nice, the work seems challenging and the pay is decent, and they’ll stick it out for a year or two before they give up. This is the #1 reason why so many devs keep “job hopping”. Developer jobs are plentiful, good developer jobs are extremely scarce. And it is ridiculous that this is changing so very very slowly.