The Australian Church’s reaction to no-fault divorce in 1975

Who is old enough to remember the vitriol and hate mongering that occurred in 1975 when no-fault divorce was allowed? Not me. In the light of the coalition opinion poll, I thought I’d check how much the current arguments are really about what the Bible says by comparing 1975 to today.

After all, the Bible is far clearer on divorce than it is on same-sex marriage. The reaction to no-fault divorce must have been far far bigger. Right? Otherwise we must consider that the current opposition isn’t really about the Bible at all.

Luckily someone has done the research for me. So what did I find? While there was objection to the legislation, and while it was hotly debated in parliament for a long time, the objection from the church was nothing compared to the hate and lies being spread in Australia today.

In fact the NSW Methodist criticized the negativity of Christians campaigning against the bill, accusing them of spreading fear.

A national weekly Anglican newspaper, Church Scene, published just eight articles. And half of them are in support.

In fact it was the anti-Labor secular media that had the most negative coverage. 150 articles in total in the Sydney Morning Herald. Though only 20 directly concerned opposition.

Clearly there’s something different going on at the moment. But the church will not confront that and will not question where their opposition comes from.

Thankfully most Christians I know have thought more deeply than a knee-jerk obsequiousness to their masters.

Oh, and what about the churches on-going reaction to the TV show Married at First Sight? Yeah I don’t remember too much about the sanctity of marriage debate there either. Because it’s always a man and a woman. Imagine the response to the first gay episode.


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