• Stefan Boberg

    Stefan Boberg

    Technical Director @ Frostbite Engine, EA DICE. Builder of stacks, stacker of builds.

  • Marco Pagliaricci

    Marco Pagliaricci

  • Vlad Vinogradsky

    Vlad Vinogradsky

    Web, HTTP, REST, Web APIs, Cloud

  • Jedd Haberstro

    Jedd Haberstro

    CS Student and SE Intern

  • Ryan Booker

    Ryan Booker

    Diver, developer, musician. Conceived in the heart of a dying star. Opinions expressed may not even be mine, let alone my employer's.

  • Vince Fulco (It / It's)

    Vince Fulco (It / It's)

    I self-identify as Yoda.

  • Camilo Chacón Sartori

    Camilo Chacón Sartori

    I love Computer Science and Philosophy.

  • Philip Lonsing

    Philip Lonsing

    Software Developer, Techie and Critical Mind :-) - Tweets about software development, performance testing, #webperf and little about economics and politics

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