Burning Expectations

After God told Moses at the burning bush that He had seen and heard about the suffering of the Israelites, God says,


Do you hear the potential in that word? The possibilities? This is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob we’re talking about. This is the God who set the sun, moon and stars in the sky. This is the source of Light and Life. And, this God has seen and heard the pain of his people, and is moved to action.

So… what is this God going to do? What could God do? I mean, God could do anything, right? He could make it rain fire and brimstone on Egypt for 40 days and 40 nights, right? He could send an army of angels upon Pharaoh’s household, right? He could reach down and pick up Pharaoh by his scrawny little neck and shake him around a bit, right?

So, what does God do? He turns to this octogenarian shepherd and says,

So come, I will send you.

Wait… really? That’s the best God could do? He sends a shepherd?

Not a diplomat? A war veteran? Someone with an Executive MBA? A person trained in persuasion and leading people?

Nope. God sends an eighty year old shepherd.

And, here’s the thing, if God can call an octogenarian—who hasn’t done anything in forty years except watch sheep—and who killed a guy years before that… If God can call him, then guess what?

God could do something great with you too.

Moses’ reaction to being called at the burning bush is to immediately ask,

Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh?

And, I think the whole story is crafted so that we have the exact same reaction. (I mean, I still think a battalion of angels would have been pretty cool…)

But, this story reminds us that God does not only use those with a great resume and head shot. God doesn’t count connections on LinkedIn or call our references.

God can use any of us. Each of us.

Partly because God made us, and knows the stuff that we’re made of.

But, mostly because no matter who God sends, God never sends us alone.

As God says to Moses at the bush,

I will be with you.
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