5 things that can help governments fund your you project

Are you part of or leading a Rural Development project and it’s your first time doing it? Here are some tips that might help to successfully allocate some funding from state bodies.

Learn to share

Experts are important! Always involve someone who is credible in the field, especially in the academics (a university for example) even if you are one yourself. If a reliable independent person vouches for your proposal it will have an effect tenfold over than if you tried on your own. Even better if you got an influential person in that funding department to believe in the project as well. They will then go out of their way to find the right fund.

Label it!

Always give a purpose for the project, like Educational, Enterprising etc. This will give it a lot more clout and will help you allocate that right fund.

Be willing to change

Another important point on this is be willing to modify the concept, or in Start-up terms “pivot”. By adding that word “Pilot” to our project’s title it actually helped bypass a load of bureaucracy and red tape, for example we didn’t need to tender once it became a pilot!

Persistence is essential

Once you got all the interested parties on board, the fun part begins. Most of the initial work will involve rewriting the proposal tens of times until all are satisfied with the final draft and ready for submission. Quick tip if always scrap or at least archive the old draft in another folder as you might confuse them with the newer ones.

Be very very very patient!

It’s great to set a timescale or a launch date but it’s never done then, Never! If you really believe in the project and set to make it happen then do not waver and keep at it.

Our project, which was Cahersiveen IoT Pilot, took two years to come together. I’m delighted to day that we got initial funding worth over €20,000 and are now in implementation stage. More to come on that!