“Old dog can’t learn new tricks”..BULLS*%T!

To all recruiters and HR managers whom believe this headline is true, you can kiss… my…. ASS!!!

How many times did you get a reply to a position with this phrase?

“Your qualifications are impressive. Unfortunately we won’t be proceeding with your application at this time.”

I lost count at the amount of applications sent and the feedback was vague to say the least. So I drilled a bit further for the reason my applications kept getting rejected. It all boiled down to one main reason, being a seasoned professional I might lack the ability to learn new things, to be Coachable.

So the questions is, am I coachable? Hell Yeah!

Even though the experience was there one recruiter was honest enough to say she needed digital marketing qualifications. So what did I do? certified Google Digital Garage. BOOM! Another HR associate thought that I can only send email and attach files on G Suite instead of administering, G Suite Administrator certification. Double BOOM!!

It didn’t stop there, more than half of my certificates were done this year alone! You can see them all on my LinkedIn profile.

Necessity breeds Invention or more precisely, Creativity

Many complain how hard it is to learn anything and even harder to do so online without any support or at least a class system for the feedback. That certainly is very true, but how painful is it to see that perfect job slip away from you? Just because you couldn’t provide the qualifications, it’s heart breaking! So now that bitching is out of the way, smack yourself on the face few times and shake yourself out of it. You need to use that pain and channel it. Use that pain to change you mindset. Use that pain to tell yourself “Screw this, I will show these fuckers how I can learn this, qualify in it and be amazing at it!”. Let this be proof how enthusiastic you are at learning new topics, understand new technologies and be passionate about a new position.

Some of you might ask “How can I find the time?!” Your persistence, the obsession to prove you can do it, your desire to fill that painful void is what will find the time. Every minute I was on my own with the laptop beside me the course was up and running. Whether it was 12 midnight when everyone went to bed or 5 in the morning before anyone waking up I was on that laptop learning.

Stand up and show the world you can. Stand up and show them how you are able to overcome these professional barriers others forced them upon you. Show them you are up for any challenge they throw at you.

Always remember…

We are this generation's persistent inspiration that knows nothing but achievements. Move on and move UPWARDS…