Bill Gates and Warren Buffet walk into a dive bar with 10 barflies.
Bruce Johnson

For starts, the Teslas Model 3 starts at $35k, not $65k.

However, using your timeless Gates & Buffet example:

A $138k Tesla rolls into the parking garage with two $35k Teslas. Suddenly the average price is $70k. The mean price is neither the mean or the actual price.

To sum it up, Bruce, Tesla has an entry level car, and it is $35k. I’m not proposing at this price the car is available to the median income American, but either are the majority of new vehicles with the exception of very entry level vehicles.

Also, Tesla’s model from the start has been to start with the lowest capacity, highest price models to fund the higher capacity, lower price point models. The Model 3 is nearly the next step in reducing the overall price of the vehicle, which will decrease overtime as the technology becomes more inexpensive and production increases.

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