Don’t give me facts

I already know I’m right so showing me facts will just make me dig in my heels and believe what I believe even more strongly. Your facts are from some academic or historical figure that I don’t agree with and don’t care about. My facts are from people who believe what I believe. Your facts are propaganda. My facts are the truth.

I just want to know your opinion so I can agree or disagree with you. Don’t try to use logic to explain why you think I am wrong. It won’t work. It won’t change my mind. I don’t care if you think I’m wrong. I just want to be with people that think the same as I do.

When I go online I only visit websites that reinforce my beliefs. On social media I follow only people that think the way I do. I like posts that I agree with and dislike anything that conflicts with my views. If I read something that I agree with, it is the truth. If I read something that I disagree with it is just someone making something up to mislead me.

Like I said, don’t give me facts.