All my life, it seemed that things had been improving for the human race.
Rick O'Brien

Mr. Hill,

I must admit that the recent US election did depress me, even though I do not live there. Likewise with the British vote to leave the EU, even though I do not live there either. They are further symptoms of a downward trend in human affairs that one feels powerless to stop. If I dare quote Spinoza: “When the mind imagines its own impotence, it is thereby grieved”.

That being said, yes, I have to try to do what I can to stem the downward trend — I have three grandchildren who will have to live in the world I leave behind. Which brings me to a final note. I am “guessing” by your cocksure, world-weary tone that you are somewhere in that uncertain place between the optimism of youth and the coming to grips with reality of middle age, which would make me at least twenty years your senior. Don’t insult me by calling me “poor baby”.

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