Energy 2.0 Will Be Entirely Solar
Michal Bacia

Thank you Michal. Where I live it is difficult to get solar connected to the grid in such a way that you can actually profit from it. The best you can do is zero out your electricity bill. The push-back is from the energy companies that earn a profit from producing energy themselves at centralised facilities using hydro, nuclear and natural gas.

A true smart grid would allow any producer/consumer of electricity to sell to and buy from any other producer/consumer for whatever price they both agree to. The sticking point is that the power generation companies (many of which are government owned) want to control the price. Someone also has to pay for the maintenance of the grid. Right now a flat “delivery charge” is added to each monthly bill. Perhaps a percentage of the total volume consumed and sold would be fairer.

It appears that politics are the sticking point preventing alternative energy adoption.

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