Ancient Aliens: Evidence of Stephen Hawking’s Claim that “Philosophy is Dead”
Barry Vacker

Came here looking for some meaningful discussion and all I got was that since I voted for Trump I’m a “racists, patriots, nationalists, theists, fans, celebrity worshippers, etc. and bigots (sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, etc.)” Gosh, such enlightenment. Dr. Vacker has some really good insights, but just can’t seem to stop himself from attacking anyone and everyone who might be considered “conservative” while leaving the left [and their philosophies of nihilism] off the hook. Maybe if he looked beyond the superficial depictions of religion and theosophy, usually written by detractors who don’t understand them, he may find some beginnings to the philosophy he wishes to find. He could also try Nietzsche. If ever anyone understood the need of “decentralized” unanchored Man to overcome inadequacies in a large and probably hostile universe it was he.

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