Become a better quitter

I didn’t really think it through when I started my vlogging-experiment the week before. Responses were great though, and I think YouTube is a great platform for pushing out new content. However, vlogging is an experience which keeps you on your feet the whole day. While you’re not filming every minute you’re awake, I was spending a lot of time thinking about the movie I had to create at the end of the day. I began to feel it in my focus, so something had to give.

I am a little sad about it though, because I had a lot of fun creating and publishing the video’s. Playing with talking to a camera in public was one of the scariest things I’ve done over the past months, but also a really rewarding one.

This newsletter is something I get a lot from: the writing and researching keeps curiosity high and helps me keep learning new stuff every day. The format is flexible enough to not interfere with my work. I definitely enjoyed diving into Stephen Covey’s 7 habits last week.

Quitting something isn’t easy. I not only miss my vlog already, I’m also feeling a tiny bit of shame and guilt: I couldn’t do it. Not in this form, not right now. Reviewing my week uncovered my lack of focus, and focus is something I really need right now.

The joy I get from starting something new it enormous. At the same time, the mental clarity I get from quitting something is huge. It boosts my energy and sparks creativity.

Think long and hard: is there something you could quit to free up space for more important things you’re doing? It could be the best decision you’re making today.

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