Dreams of her Childhood Life

Photo by Alaric Duan on Unsplash

Gazing into the vast expanse of blue that forms the seemingly endless, and sometimes intimidating Ashanti sky; glaring as far as the eye can see, I’m completely lost in thoughts.

Oblivious of everything else around me, I’ve drifted into a daydream — dreaming of a girl so distant from here; In a land unknown to me. I wonder: “exactly which spot on this magnificent drape of a firmament directly hovers over her at this moment?”

I’m envious of that lucky patch of blue. I wish I could trade places with it… So I could overlook her wherever she was… Just to be close to her — even if she couldn’t see me. Like a guardian angel, I would be to her; and shield her from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

I try to imagine her at school. What could she be doing right now? I remember her calming voice… The sound of her laughter rings through my head… I’m reminded of how she sounded on the night I proposed an integration of our two hearts… Of how she laughed…God! I love the sound of her laughter.

I imagine how life with her would be like. I think to myself: “Ow God, I’ve foreseen my future, and it’s so damn beautiful with her by my side.”

I reach out my hand, as if to touch her…and then it hit the balcony balustrade, and I’m jolted out of my daydream. I fix my eye on the horizon again, gazing into the empty sky. And this time, I’m reminded of the sharp contrast between the limitless Ashanti sky and the mountain-fenced countryside where I grew up.

I try to think of the girl again, of her childhood… where she must’ve been born… where she grew up — how was it like? How does that place influence her view of the world around her? At this point, I’m consumed by curiosity… and I just wanna know all about her childhood.

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