Are We Doing Enough? Part 3
Ted Russell

This is a terrific series calling out some of the elephants in the non-profit fine arts board rooms. I’ll do what I can to spread these diverse responses. If I may kick in as a former-symphony orchestra musician from the Midwest, truly attempting to engage the broadest community with the fine arts tradition, authorized from Europe, takes a commitment the major institutions aren’t necessarily prepared to make. Sacrificing a bit of class competitiveness to include the rest of the world is not in any orgs mission statements. And yet, sacrifice is a sure sign of the love necessary to trust, bond and engage most broader communities.

A Systems approach is necessary to translate the practical values of such a tradition into continuous streetwise examples, merging with and embedding in the community rather than an occasional visit. This takes added capacity at a time when funding has drawn even tighter, save for the few foundations like Irvine investing in true engagement. Thank you! My hope is that you’ll push consistently for meaningful change for the next two decades… because real solutions are medium- to long-term.