30 Churches in 30 weeks

Week #2

Riverside United Methodist Church

1201 N. Wheeling Ave. Muncie IN

Pastor John A. Young

Review: I picked a Methodist Church for my second week because I have some experience with Methodist Churches from my past. I have never had any bad moments from the past and have always respected them for helping my daughters in time of need. I will point out that My 30 in 30 will all be a church I have never entered before, so this church and this pastor was all new.

The overall experience was very good and very entertaining. The topic was on the Holy Spirit and he preached from Luke 11 vs. 11–13, Joel 2 vs.28–29, and Galatians 5 vs. 22–25. He is a very good preacher and I was not bored or suspected nothing against my sexuality. (no red flags)

The best thing about the service was the music! The Music Directors are Colin and Emily Hart and they were simply amazing! They are very young and very gifted. The music was so great it was like going to a concert. I would go back just for the wonderful music.

All in all it was a great time and I was blessed to be there. I will also state that everyone was very welcoming and I even got a gift bag for my first visit. Yeah! Next up Week 3.

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