30 Churches in 30 Weeks

I have always struggled with religion and churches ever since I knew I was gay. I am 53 years old and still searching for that religious connection to strengthen my spirituality. I live in Muncie Indiana and discovered there are over 100 churches here in my town. I woke up Sunday and felt compelled to go to church. The idea then struck me to go to 30 churches over the next 30 weeks and give them all a fair shot to connect with who I really am. I know pretty weird idea huh? The worst thing that could happen is I complete the 30 weeks and still not find a proper church for me but how cool would it be to explore 30 different religious families here in my home town. I also thought it would be cool to write about it so if anyone who is facing similiar issues can relate to these struggles can get an opinion on different churches right here in Mucie. So here I go!

Week #1 The Salvation Army Church

Address 1015 N. Wheeling Ave. Muncie

Pastors are Lieutenants Jonathon and Ceamona Taube

Date was on March 19th 2017

Review of service: The topic was mostly on repenting and “changing your alliegence”. We talked from Phillipians 3 vs 7 to 11, Mark 8 vs 11 to 21, and Mark 1 vs 1. The service was led by Lieutenant Jonathon and he did a great job getting the message across with cool visuals and much excitement. The coolest thing he said was “You are of value, undivorcable because you are of God’s image.” Another great thing that was said was “God will use us as we are.” The thing I disliked the most was when he held up the Bible and said “This is the only story that matters.” The church itself was very small and the attendance was less than 20 people. Over all it was a pleasant expierence and I felt very welcomed. I think I picked a good church to start out with. Next up Church #2.