Ad Blocking and the Future of the Web
Jeffrey Zeldman

One of the more balanced look at this issue I have read, and I appreciate that.

In my personal case, I live in a very rural area, and for the last 9 years have had only 2 options for Internet at home: dialup or satellite. The former, some of you are old enough to remember was painfully slow even before every website had ads on it. The latter comes with extreme bandwidth limits; and bloated code — mostly used for tracking and serving ads — eats away at that bandwidth quickly, slowing down my already much worse experience. Cellular connections are nearly non-exisitent in my area.

I am trying out a few content blockers on my iPhone, including Peace for 2 days before Marco removed it. What I would like to see is a content blocker app which makes things easier to whitelist. Perhaps by allowing me to use the “send to” feature in mobile Safari to add whatever page I am on to the whitelist. I want to support the indie web, but I don’t want to be tracked and hounded by the corporate web.