I was referring to the closing where you said
Evan Goss

I’m an “older” HR grad (early double digit cohort, almost two years ago) and I can’t speak directly to this author’s experience (obviously), but what they may have meant is that 2 years ago, hiring was booming more than it is now (the rise of the Unicorns and all that) and bootcamps were still a newish concept.

Today, there are objectively fewer jobs available to people without industry experience. The economy is simply not quite as red hot as it was.

Additionally, bootcamps have proliferated and there are simply more people out there competing for the junior roles available.

None of that is HR’s fault, but yeah… I think it’s honest to say that the success rate grads were seeing a couple of years ago was at least, in part, due to the market.

That said, HR still has much better industry placement rates than most, including most CS departments.

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