We’re Asking the Wrong Question.
Joshua Dufek

Thank you for your thoughts on this. I agree that something is necessary to “fix” the problem. I’m wondering about the thing that’s “necessary”.

The assertion is that men (a man) need(s) to step up and make reparations and open confession, and that such an action could (might?) be the catalyst for a nationwide/systemic change.

More than this, I would argue, is needed. The ultimate problem has to do with our true love(s). Our true love is Self. There can be no change individually or collectively until that core love is changed. A person may be able to stop doing one thing; but if that core love is not changed, he (or she) will find another harmful (to self and others) way to express Self.

It is only when one is willing, and able, to die to Self that genuine love and its attending behavior will come about. There must be a “greater-than-Self” Person we live for. Someone outside ourselves. For, when we live for Self, by definition, billions of “Selfs” collide with one another, and we end up with the expected events and revelations we’ve seen throughout the millennia up to this moment.

But, when we live for that which is greater than all of us put together, we will, by definition, be heading in the same direction. When One is at the center of our hearts, we can only be headed toward the same goal, the same end.

And, that End is greater, and better, than a simple morally approved behavior. The End, when reached, results not in mere behavior modification, but in actual heart transformation. The end result is not merely doing better or doing good to others, it will end in a group of people capable of laying down their lives for those around them.

There will be a mass of people who don’t simply stop mistreating others, but who will positively love and serve those others. This End, this Person outside ourselves, is what is needed.

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