May-2018: My 2015 instrumental release “Xperiments” is now available on Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes/Apple Music

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This is a list of my credits with links to relevant content — Musical bio is here


2017: In March I produced & recorded the score for the short feature “The Decaying World” directed by Danielle Dunnigan

2016: Two of my jazz tracks “Solo Piano 02” and “Midnight Memorial” have been selected to complement the score for the wonderful short film “Upper West Side Story” directed by Leon Chase (Official Selection at New York Film Week, October 2016). And in May, my instrumental piece “Nova Bosso” was featured as part of the score for the comedic short “No Peas for the Weary

Summer 2009 thru Spring 2016: Twenty-one stock music licenses for various projects, multiple genres (rock/orchestral/novelty) via

Fall 2015: Ambient & electronic song “whereknow” is featured in the video game “Curvatron

May 2015: Signed a publishing deal with Preston Bevrly in Los Angeles

Fall 2014: Produced an original score for the short feature “Take Care” directed by Danielle Dunnigan. The production received positive marks from Nielsen Reviews and the short can be viewed at The Online Film Festival web site. The feature was also screened at the REEL Recovery Film Festivals in New York & Los Angeles in 2015, and that November it won the Spotlight Short Film Bronze Award.

August 2010: Contracted to produce three spec scores for commercial demos for a client which cannot be named due to confidentiality agreements. Also produced two contemporary commercial scores for “Humane Society of Tijuana” public service announcements.

November 2009: Commissioned by Jonathan Budd at Poopytime Productions to produce original rock tracks for the reality show “Heartland Thunder” which aired in the U.S. on the Discovery Channel and on various international broadcasting outlets.

January 2009: Reality show theme/cue, original contemporary track, bass/synthesizers/percussion, coordinated by The Composer Collective in California — Evan Evans, Team Leader

Summer 2008 : CHP Smart Start Commercial & PSA cues, adapted & original themes / orchestral & piano, commissioned by MWP Editorial- Gary La Vine, Producer

Original Compositions

Independent Releases


To further my studies & practice, I occasionally develop original themes for existing film scenes. This YouTube video features a demo track designed for a short scene from “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” — my intent was to match the tones of the original score by Howard Shore and to also develop short original themes which could work if applied over the broader arc of a full-length feature.

In 2008 I rescored three scenes from the Hitchcock film “The Birds” as part of my study & practice. Links go directly to YouTube videos.

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