The Most Ideal Guy Friend Any Girl Should Have

Most years of my social life, I never really had that much of girl friends. This is probably because I get to take an equal judgment and a better one from honest people — apparently, guys. I’m able to vibe with pure men around and I don’t care what others may think; besides, I am quality wise. But despite that, we all have our favorites and who we consider the most ideal.

  1. To whom you never need to think of a great response to give just because he, himself is a man of wit. Guy conversations may be little tricky sometimes; or should I say, all the time. And because we are girls, there is more likely some gap between our perspective and way of thinking than that of men. That’s why sometimes, we are trapped into thinking of something cool or witty to kick back so they can sense that you’re good to get along with and that you’re part of the #squad. So once you find a guy who’s witty enough to take in both un-witty and cool ones, NEVER. STOP. TALKING. Because, those kinds of conversations are for keeps.
  2. By simply being bale to do anything with them. And by saying anything, I mean everything! Whether it may be watching a Cinderella movie or munching on donuts, he’s always on to accompany you whenever and wherever you need to.
  3. He is willing to do ‘girly’ things with you even without you doing some ‘guy’ thing with him in return. Trust me, this type of guy friend is a genuine diamond. It is very rare for a guy to do girly things, in general. But I’m not saying he could be gay if he does all these things with you. This is only because of his capacity to adjust and be able to materialize wonderful vibrations with any type of personality and environment. Every guy has a feminine side; some just know how to deal with it and be openly accepting of it.
  4. When it comes to adventure, it’s a two-way impact. Yes, it is given. Guys will definitely be perfect if you want adventures because they’d always be on to take you anywhere. But here’s the catch — an ideal guy friend would be willing to trade in their plans with yours whenever you decide you can’t do theirs. They can whole-heartedly be willing to trade in a Saturday hike for a Friday night drama movie. Besides, there’s always a next time.
  5. He patiently listens to your drama and #hugot punch lines. Yes, it is again given. Girls are a bunch of cry-babies. And, a genuine and ideal guy friend would be there to listen whenever and wherever. They could probably handle your PMS, but when it comes to serious matters, they can tell you direct to the point when you’re being over the hedge and being too negative when it comes to life. And guess what, it would even instantly make you feel better!
  6. A guy who calls you up for shopping is worth the keep! This is yet the best part. Who’s guy from the deepest corners of the earth would call someone just to shop with them!? Seriously, do guys even shop? Or at least call their ‘buying of clothes’ shopping? Well, anyway, this 6th statement doesn’t change the fact that boys do ‘shop’ in a linear motion. They hop into the mall, think of what they’d like to buy, go to the store where they can definitely see those types, and then voila, they’re finidhed in the easiest and quickest manner possible. But when a guy calls you up for some company with this thing, it means he favors your ideas and therefore, find your advice worthy.
  7. Last but definitely not the least, he gets to talk to you over the internet for hours. Most guys are gamers. And most of them aren’t so much into social networking sites as well. So if they are able to chat with you for a long matter of time, it’s a check! And of course, this includes being crazy and weird with you off-social media with all the disregards of their ‘manly’ poise and reputation.

Still, you should always remember that friends don’t have to come in favor of roles or gender or orientation. Because when you disregard those, you’ll easily find the ones you’ll get into so much vibe with. Just always be open and willing to meet new people. And BONUS! Find someone who’s able to appreciate silence and who thinks being alone doesn’t always mean you’re lonely. Because those people are the ones who could easily steal places in your heart.

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