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My name is Rick Steele. Please see the bottom of this page for contact info. I am a highly qualified clinician in acute and internal medicine, but also a public health specialist and educator. I work for the time being partly as a hands on pre-hospital senior house officer on a 24/7 roster and spend two days a week as a medical consultant for a Danish county.​I keep in form by skipping lunch most days and getting sufficient exercise to keep my body up. At 61, i look more like 45 and feel like it, too. I love to make and eat good food and enjoy a glass of wine of an evening. I play the guitar and fiddle, have a loving wife, three grown-up children with two grandchildren and lots of energy to pass around.My dream five years on is to be a world famous doctor who derailed the evidence based freight train and got primary care back where it belongs, solidly anchored in the community.If your are Interested to visit@steele@dadlnet.dk
Contact no : +45 2216 1923
FAX: +45 8724 4026
Address :Tyttebærvej 26, Silkeborg, Denmark 8600

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