Book review: The Bridges of Madison County

Book review: The Bridges of Madison County

Robert James Waller (b1939)

New York: Warner Books Inc., 1992

171 pages

This was a notably popular new book. However, I’m aware that not everyone is a fan.

If you’re looking for highly stoked eroticism and high-rolling lives that throw off sparks when they touch, look elsewhere.

Frankly, for lots of tastes, good advice is: look elsewhere no matter what you’re looking for.

For me, the chance intersection of the putatively unremarkable lives of Francesca and Robert has all the heat and dazzle of slow-moving lava, without its destructive power. They come together, they permit each other to nourish their beautiful personae and they generate a passion that consumes without burning.

Francesca and Robert come together too late in their lives, after unbreakable commitments have been made to other cherished persons who, regrettably, are not like themselves.

I am drawn to the unsounded depths of their love and their absolute, cascading, undeniable recognition of each other as the unforgettable objects of their burgeoning desire.

They understand that they must be content with the short lifetime of their dalliance. They honor their love by deeply understanding its nature, and by accepting the permanent separation that their unyielding integrity requires.

Robert whispers to Francesca: “…this kind of certainty comes only once…”

The Bridges of Madison County is a love song, a courtship, a delicate primer on yearning, a too brief opportunity to know how it feels to be in love like that.

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