Dance in the night

It was quite a show

in the Cape Cod night…

kinetic, a capering display…

Dance in the night

Jittering dance of light and dark,

the jabs of motions,

frantic flow of hitch and start,

the dervish jolts, more dash and retreat,

more scuttle from the murky edge,

more hasty mash of shapes and lines,

they will not stay, they will not still,

they have no time to tarry.

These umbered sprites,

these shimmered dabs,

these moonstruck shadows

of the credulous leaves

that are tempted to live

by the mischievous wind in the night.

Copyright © Richard Carl Subber 2015 All rights reserved.

“Dance in the night” was published January 2016 , see Whispers,

and May 2017 in miller’s pond poetry magazine

[We had a distinctly modest rental house on Cape Cod. It did, however, have a skylight in the single bathroom. A tall bush outside the window draped a few leafy branches over the tilt of the bathroom’s roof. As it happened, the lunar track that week cast moonlight shadows of the leaves on a single wall in the loo, and active breezes every night made a hopscotch of jittering and shimmering that just fascinated me every time I padded in there to do what old men do in the middle of the night. Don’t tell me those leaves didn’t somehow come to life for my delectation.]

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Copyright © Richard Carl Subber 2017 All rights reserved.

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